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Working From Home

When the pandemic was in full swing, most companies and businesses encouraged their employees to stay and work at home. According to a Gartner poll, 91% of managers in Asia/Pacific have implemented work from home arrangements since the pandemic began in March 2020. (Gartner, 2020)

 It was an unusual time for all, with people trying to adapt to the pandemic way of life while still panicking over the palpable uncertainty surrounding the future.

Today we are somewhat accustomed to this new way of life. Yet we cannot fit into the monotony of this “new normal” where we continue to social distance, work from home most days of the week, and attend virtual meetings and sessions.

The use of online technology is becoming more and more widespread as businesses continue to move into the digital sphere to support their operations. We have seen employees who were initially reluctant to adjust to this new working from home lifestyle, now actually prefer it.

While working from home has some advantages, it certainly does come with its share of challenges too.

Here are a few common challenges faced by people and some tips to overcome them:

Time Management

Often when people are working from home, they do not follow a schedule or count their working hours. Since work timings are more flexible and there are no cues for breaks during the day like one gets at the office. We often find ourselves working either more than usual or at odd times of the day or even in the middle of the night. 

It is crucial to create clear boundaries between work and personal time while working from home otherwise, you may find it hard to manage your time which in turn will lead to unproductivity.

Pro tip: Plan work schedules for the week and track your timings as if you are working at an office and not at home. Try to set fixed work timings during the day so that you do not find yourself with unfinished work to complete during personal time.  

Use tools like Clockify, a free online time tracking software, to track employee timings and keep everyone on a daily schedule.

Staying Motivated

It is hard to stay motivated while working at home rather than in a lively environment where everyone surrounding you is also working and motivated. There are days when you can get sidetracked during the day and find yourself wasting hours, especially if you live with other people. I will not remind you of the guilt that comes with it.

Pro tip: Try to set up a workspace within your home that can serve as an office during working hours. Stay connected to colleagues through video calls and group chats to create a mock office environment to stay motivated and on track with your schedule. 

Use online technology tools like Google Meet, DiscordMicrosoft Teams or Zoom for video conferencing.

It can also be helpful to dress up in your work clothes each morning to stay motivated rather than sitting in pyjamas all day!


When working from home in our comfort and with flexible work timings, it often becomes difficult for employers to stay updated with the daily tasks and modules that employees are assigned. It often causes miscommunication, unproductivity and results in missing deadlines.

Pro tip: Attend team meetings with your co-workers on Google Meet or any other software where you can discuss modules and goals. You may also record them so you can go back and review it to check if everything has covered. Create excel sheets listing weekly modules and have your team members fill the details of assignments.

Communication is keen to keep co-workers motivated and to ensure that everyone is comfortable with and on track with their work.

Focus on your mental health

Staying at home for long periods and living with the uncertainty that surrounds the pandemic can cause anxiety and stress for a lot of people. When you are under-motivated, it often leads to a spiral effect of more demotivation cause mental blocks. Hence, it is necessary to create clear cut boundaries between work and personal hours.

Pro tip: Make sure to create some time during your day to engross yourself in something you love to do, whether it is spending time with your family, a hobby, meditation or even just relaxing and watching a movie. It is necessary to take out time for these activities to keep your mind and body active and to reduce stress-induced from work and life. Check out Headspace for guided meditation and more.

Avoid Cabin Fever

It is normal to feel isolated and stuck these days, as most people are still spending the majority of their days locked in at home. It may cause restlessness which again can take a toll on your mood and even lead to one feeling isolated and depressed. Remember when you found yourself in a position where you did not even remember what day of the week it was, or when the last time you went out?

Pro tip: Try to get some fresh air every day. Go out to your garden or rooftop and sit outdoors for a while, or if you can take a walk outside while abiding by social distancing rules. Many people have taken up cycling again. Try to get in some exercise during your day as this will help reduce stress, help you relax and be focused. 

Are you living alone? Stay in touch with your friends and family by using Skype or FaceTime and create a support system.

To conclude, you must remember that you are not the only one going through this experience of social and emotional changes. It is okay to feel a little lost. The pandemic has changed our lifestyles and ways of social interaction drastically, and it will have a lasting effect on us.

Aim to engage in some of these tips to help smoothen the transition into the “New Normal”, while making sure you stay safe and healthy!

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